Great Turnout at the Industrial Heartland Evening

Great Turnout at the Industrial Heartland Evening

Posted on Wednesday December 03, 2014 at 11:53AM

The first Lamont County Industrial Heartland Information Evening held on December 2, 2014, in Lamont was a great success. The Meeting room at the Lamont Hall was crowded with over 100 people as residents came to speak with Industry representatives, organizations and County staff from various departments.

Display tables set up by industry included Atco Energy Solutions, Enbridge, Trans Canada and MCSNet, while organizations and agencies included Life in the Heartland, Fort Air Partnership, NCIA, NRCAER, Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association, Alberta Energy Regulators, Farmers' Advocate Office and Careers: the Next Generation.

County staff was also present from Economic Development, Planning and Development, Public Works, FCSS, CALC, Emergency Services and the County Peace Officer. Lastly, representatives from the Lamont County Resident/Industry Mitigation Committee(LCIRMC) and the Oil & Gas Exploration, Extraction and Transportation Committee (OGEETC) rounded out the the group.

There were also representatives from a variety of industry who were present, but did not set up booths. These included Graymont, Western Asphalt, Alberta Midland Terminal, Superior Plus and SIL Industrial Minerals.

The overwhelming response received from residents through a brief survey was that the event was definitely worthwhile, and the County was encouraged to ensure it happened on an annual basis. Division 5 Councillor Robert Malica spoke briefly at the beginning of the evening and expressed that "while the Heartland is a small part of the County, it's development is important to the County's Future." He stated that while Council understands this importance, "it's more important that it is done right," and communication to residents is part of that process.

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Author: Lamont County Now


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